Hello, and welcome to the Harmony Fire District’s official website.

In today’s technology advanced world the distribution of information has become simpler, thanks to the Internet.  The Net provides a means to access data from any place in the world, at any time, on any subject you desire.  At the Harmony Fire Department we believe there is information we can provide that the residents of Harmony, or any other place in the world, would be interested in knowing.  That’s why we have established

For those of you that don’t know where we’re located go to the sections “All About Us” and “Coverage Map” to find us.  Here you will learn that we’re one of three Fire Districts in the Town of Glocester, Rhode Island.

The goal of our site is to provide information on our department and overall safety.  When we first started building the site our intention was to focus on every member of the family.  That’s why there’s a section called “Fun Pages” for the kids to learn about safety, while having fun doing so.  And for the adults please go to “Safety Tips.”

Do you know how a volunteer fire department operates?  A good place to start looking for the answers to this question is in “All About Us.”  There you will learn that the Harmony Fire District Board oversees the operation of the department.  You can see a list of the members of our board in the “Harmony Fire District Board” section of our website.  Then go to the “Organization Chart” to view how the rest of our department is structured.

For a listing of all present and past members of the department go to “Roll Call.”  Of course some of these fine people are no longer with us.  Their names can be found in the “Memorial” section, dedicated to the late Firefighters of the Harmony Fire Department.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out.  This doesn’t mean we want you to go fight fires, although individuals wanting to join our crew of Firefighters are greatly appreciated.  In “How Can I Help” and “Ladies Aux.” you’ll find out how you can assist the department without going on calls.

In 1999 we celebrated our 75th anniversary.  A special edition book and glass mug was created for this occasion.  You can still purchase one or more of these items by visiting “Trading and Collecting” to find out how.  But hurry, they’re only available while supplies last.

To learn what happened in those 75-years take a look at “Our History” to find stories on years past at the department.  There’s some real interesting stuff in there.

We have created “Budget & Minutes” as a section where you can get information on events and news related to the department.

There are a few other sections of our website that you can visit. “Mission Statement” tells why we’re here and “Links” offers ways to visit other websites of interest.  And anything else you want to know can be found in “Question & Answers”, including information on the fire taxes you pay.  If you don’t find what you are looking for in there go to “Contact Us” for more information on how to reach us.

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who helped create our website for all the hard work and many hours that they volunteered to make it a reality.  Your efforts are not only appreciated by myself and the Board, but the entire crew of the Harmony Fire Department and, I’m sure, everyone who visits

Thank you,

Chief Stuart Pearson