Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the fire tax?
A: The Harmony Fire District tax rate for 2022 is $1.81 per $1,000 of the Town of Glocester property tax assessment dated 12/31/2021.

Q: Why is there a fire tax?
A: Neither the Town of Glocester or the State of RI subsidize the Harmony Fire District in any way. The running of the district is fully funded by the fire tax, third party rescue billing, grants and donations.

Q: When does the Harmony Fire District Board meet?
A: The Annual meeting, when elections are held and the budget and tax rate are voted on, is held the first Saturday in June. Monthly Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the Bylaws?
A: Electronic versions are available on this website — click here. If you require a printed copy they are available at the Tax Collector/Clerk’s office for the fee of 15¢ per/page. (RIGL §38-2-4)

Q: Can I make a financial contribution?
A: Financial contributions are always welcomed. You can be sure your donation will be used to improve our district and the services we provide to the community. Please contact us for further information.

Q: How do I dispose of dangerous chemicals or prescriptions?
A: To dispose of chemicals contact the Glocester Department of Public Works at (401) 568-5540. For prescriptions contact the Glocester Police Department at (401) 568-2533; they have a MedReturn Drug Collection Unit on site. Items not accepted at the MedReturn are: Hydrogen Peroxide, Inhalers, Aerosol Cans, Needles/Sharps and Thermometers. For any of these items we suggest you view the RI Department of Health website for instructions:

Q: How do I get a copy of a fire or rescue report?
A: A report can be obtained through the Tax Collector/Clerk’s office for a $5 fee. A Medical Records Release Authorization must be provided if the report is not your own. Please present a valid photo ID when picking up report in person.

Q: What if I cannot tell the rescue crew what medications I am taking when they arrive at my home?
A: Keep a medicine bottle in your refrigerator with a list of your medications, the doses and how many times a day you take them. An emergency responder will always look there for your information.

Q: Why can’t I have a choice of which hospital I will be taken to?
A: According to RI Department of Health Protocol we are to transport to the nearest facility (usually Fatima). This is not only advantageous to the patient in getting fast treatment, but we must also minimize the transport time so we can get back to covering Harmony. The next emergency may be seconds away and minutes can be critical. However, after a patient has been stabilized and cared for they may be able to arrange transport to the hospital of their choice.

Q: Does Harmony Fire District do free blood pressure checks?
A: Any fire station will be happy to check your blood pressure, granted they are in the station and not on a call or in training. If you have an emergency please call 911.

Q: How do I refill or check my fire extinguisher?
A: Harmony Fire District does not service or refill fire extinguishers. Please look in the “yellow pages” under “fire equipment” or on-line to locate companies that do.

Q: What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my home?
A: A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is best for the home. Look for the rating to be at least 2A 10B C (or A-B-C) on the label. It is recommended that an extinguisher be installed in the kitchen and in the garage.

Q: How do I check my smoke detector?
A: Every smoke detector has a test button, usually in the center of the detector. Press the test button and hold it for a few seconds. If it is working correctly, the alarm will sound and will automatically stop when you release the button. Remember to test your smoke detector monthly and change the batteries twice a year. A good tip to use is when you turn your clocks ahead in the Spring or back in the Fall; change your smoke detector batteries.

Q: When an emergency vehicle is approaching that is displaying emergency lights and sirens, what should I do?
A: According to RI law, you are required to pull to the right and stop regardless of what lane you are in, allowing an apparatus adequate and clear lanes to safely and quickly continue its response. This simple maneuver can result in seconds saved and can translate into a huge difference for someone who is having a medical emergency or is experiencing a fire.

Q: Where can I get child locator decals?
A: In the interest of community safety, we do NOT recommend that “child” or “invalid” locator decals be placed on home windows for a variety of reasons. First, the average family moves often – on average about once every five years. Each time a house changes hands, room use can also change. Even a single family will switch rooms with time, making the decal meaningless. Also children sleeping in rooms other than their own, leaving their room when frightened or spending the night away will not be in the room marked with a decal. Most importantly, a decal can also be an invitation to a burglar – or worse – to enter through that window because the occupant of the room would present less of threat. Keep in mind that rescuing people is a priority for all firefighters. They are trained to make a thorough and systematic search for anyone inside a burning building as soon as they arrive. Spending valuable time looking for windows marked with decals, with no assurance anyone would be in that room, could delay help to anyone still left inside.

Q: Can I schedule a tour of the station for my organization?
A: Absolutely, please contact the station at (401) 949-1188 TDD 711.