Burn Permit

April 1st, 2024 @ 0800hrs and October 1st, 2024

No permits shall be issued

Exception: Must be physically raining and winds are less than 10 MPH 

When permit is issued all fires shall be extinguished no later than 8pm on the issued date.

Any person burning without a DEM “Burning Permit” issued by the Harmony Fire Department may incur a DEM fine.


  • Permittee must be 18 years of age
  • All fire shall be continuously attended by an adult until the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Permits shall be issued on the day of the burn only and are good only for that day.
  • Permits shall be issued to property owner or rental tenant. Renter shall need owner’s written permission.
  • Permittee must have proper extinguishing equipment at fire site to control fire size.


Burning Permits shall not be given to property owners who are clearing land, during any large renovations or during any building construction. All of these are considered commercial or industrial in nature.

No stumps, leaves, pine needles, garbage, tires, construction debris will be acceptable to burn.

Should at any time during an outside fire (contained or not) there is a complaint by a neighbor about smoke entering their home/property the fire department will investigate the complaint and the fire may have to be extinguished by the fire department or the permittee.

Any questions please contact the Fire Department at 401-949-1188 between the hours of 0900hrs-1500hrs Tuesday through Friday and speak with Chief Waterman.

The Harmony Fire Department is a Volunteer Department and with that the office is not open during the weekends or at times when the rescue staff may be out on an emergency.  We suggest that anyone needing a “Burning Permit” on Saturday or Sunday call the Glocester Police Department 401-568-2533.  The police dispatcher will contact a fire department officer to assist you.